G2T™ Wood Open Web Truss

The Strong, Simple, Supported and Sustainable Solution

The G2T™ is a Proprietary High Strength Open Web Truss


  • Predecessor to the G2T™ was proven in the most demanding real life application:  Loma Prieta and Northridge Earthquakes performing flawlessly even at 8′ o.c.
  • Strongest mass production wood open web truss available
  • 3 1/2″ wide Monolithic commercial grade chords
  • Capable of resisting high load axial tension forces
  • Capable of accepting high load diaphragm nailing
  • 3rd party testing support


  • Simple framing details allow for ease of construction by Framers
  • Multiple Bearing options allow for best system selection
    • Bottom Chord Bearing
    • Flush Framed Hanger
    • Top Chord Extension
    • Pocket Framed Balloon Wall


  • Complete Design Support of Specification (without contractual obligation)
  • Eliminate Deferred Submittals
  • Industry Best Production Lead Times


  • G2 sources most major components from sustainable material suppliers
  • The G2T™ has an eco-friendly effect on the overall construction cycle
  • A commitment to providing customers with efficient system designs
    • G2T™ can span further at a greater o.c. Spacing
    • Often eliminates need for double trusses under mechanical units
    • Maximize strength while minimizing material


G2T™ Bearing Details